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About The School

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that is primarily concerned with remediation of diseases and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and evaluation, examination, diagnosis and physical intervention. Physiotherapist can help people at any stage of life. When movement and function are decreased by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions. Physiotherapist can help people maximize their quality of life, looking for physical, mental and social well being. They work in the health spheres of promotion, prevention and rehabilitation. Physiotherapist can practice independently.

India undoubtedly there exists a great need for the quality physiotherapy service. The government of India’s national policy on the prevention of disability recognizes the physiotherapist as a core member of team involved in prevention of disability and management of disabilities and interventions takes place in multiple settings.

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department
Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department

Mission & Objectives

A. Mission: We strive to provide efficient and effective Physiotherapy services while utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based practices.

B. Objectives: Our aim is to achieve your highest level of physical functioning and well-being assessing your condition and planning a program to help you return to an active lifestyle through the following approaches:

  • Pain Management
  • Improve Function and Mobility
  • Muscular Re-Education
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Neuro-Muscular Balance and Coordination
  • Improve Post-traumatic Stiffness

Department History

IEC School of Allied Health Science’s the Physiotherapy Department is recognized among India’s best Physiotherapy College in Himachal Pradesh came to existence since 2015. The Department follows a Practice based approach to train budding practitioners in catering to patient’s needs. Department is well equipped with anatomy, Physiology, exercise therapy and electrotherapy labs. The faculties well educated and expertise in their fields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to diagnose, cure, heal, educate and to serve the humanity towards a healthy future through holistic medical approach.

Our Vision

The vision of physiotherapy department is to be a pioneer in heralding best physiotherapy health care professionals, academicians and researchers to be an integral part of our communities needed.

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department


Dear Student,

Welcome to the IEC University. The Department of Physiotherapy offers an internationally recognized undergraduate course by a team of academicians. The curriculum offered by the department is according to need of health care system. Our students are trained to address the health needs of population which includes prevention, cure and rehabilitation of a wide range of conditions. Graduates are trained to serve the humanity from young adults to old age people.

Our department is fully equipped to work in local areas as well global setting. The research focus areas of the department include rehabilitation and chronic diseases of life style etc. The Department has collaborations with the institutions regionally.

Best Wishes


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT):

Course Duration Number of Seats Tuition Fees
4 Years + 6 Month Compulsory Internship 40 80,000/ Per Year


The candidate shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st Dec. of the year of admission. He must have passed 10+2 in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology & English and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or Other Backward Classes & PH category, the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken 45%.

Why choose Allied Health Sciences

A bachelor's degree in health sciences has numerous advantages. People with this degree are well-suited for careers in insurance, medicine, and research. Working in the allied health field can be a financially and personally rewarding experience. There are numerous career options. Different jobs for example, performing laboratory tests, administrative work, communicating with patients, providing emergency treatment, or executing a variety of other tasks. People who work in the allied health field usually specialize in a specific skill set.

Allied health positions, in comparison to many other professions, offer a lot of flexibility.

    The following are some of the personal and professional benefits of the outstanding jobs:
  • Every year, the number of allied healthcare employment openings grows.
  • When preparing for various medical occupations, you can discover practical medical techniques that can help you enhance your education and talents.
  • These occupations are ideal for anyone searching for a career change because they need little training.
  • Allied health professions education is frequently less expensive than a standard college study.

Importance of Allied Health Sciences course

Technicians and technologists are terms used to describe allied health practitioners. Although these phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, technicians and technologists are not necessarily thought of as the same thing. Technologists isa term used to describe health care practitioners that work in diagnostic domains. MRI technicians, electroneurodiagnostic technologists, and cardiovascular technologists are just a few examples. Ultrasound and x-ray technicians, for example, may be referred to as technicians or technologists.

Many of the rewards and personal satisfaction are available to allied health professionals studying from THE BEST SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES. Surgical technicians, ultrasound technicians, medical assistants, MRI technicians, and IVF technologists, for example, frequently undertake non-invasive medical treatments employing cutting-edge technologies in fields like genetics, neurology, cardiology, and ophthalmology. For the healthcare industry, the training is quite quick. Furthermore, there are numerous work opportunities in sub-fields.

This industry and its importance has a lot to tell and do. The demand will surely increase always. Perhaps the following benefits will convince you that this is the appropriate career path-

  • Many allied health careers entail interacting with people and assisting patients in maintaining their health. For such person, this may be a highly rewarding way to make a living.
  • Healthcare is a requirement. As a result, the industry is well-established and continues to flourish.

If you enrol in THE SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES IN HIMACHAL PRADESH from IEC University, you will receive even more benefits because they offer the best opportunities and the best professors to understand and serve better.

Syllabus of BPT

Syllabus of DPMLT

Subjects Offered

Year S. No. Subject Code Subject
1st Year 1. BPT-101 Anatomy
2. BPT-102 Physiology
3. BPT-103 Electrotherapy-I
4. BPT-104 Exercise therapy-I
5. BPT-105 Biochemistry
6. BPT-106 Sociology
2nd Year 1. BPT-201 Pathology & Microbiology
2. BPT-202 Pharmacology
3. BPT-203 Electrotherapy-II
4. BPT-204 Exercise therapy-II
5. BPT-205 Biomechanics
6. BPT-206 Psychology
3rd Year 1. BPT-301 Orthopaedics
2. BPT-302 General Medicine
3. BPT-303 PT in Ortho Conditions
4. BPT-304 PT in Medical Conditions-I
5. BPT-305 Research methodology
6. BPT-306 Yoga & Naturopathy
7. BPT-307 Environmental Science
4th Year 1. BPT-401 General Surgery
2. BPT-402 Neurology
3. BPT-403 Paediatrics & Geriatrics
4. BPT-404 PT in Medical Conditions-II
5. BPT-405 PT in Surgical Conditions
6. BPT-406 Principles of Rehabilitation
7. BPT-406P Computer Applications

Infrastrucutural Facilities of the Department

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department: In order to meet the clinical requirements of the programme department runs one Out Patient Department (OPD) that offers physiotherapy services to nearby people at very nominal charges on daily basis. The OPD is fully equipped with all the ultra modern equipment like SWD, MWD, Interferential Therapy, Ultrasonic Therapy, Traction, Infrared, Ultraviolet etc.

Electrotherapy Lab: Equipped with modalities of latest technology using international standards, the department serves to relieve pain, promote healing, Alleviate inflammation & strengthen muscles. Excellent infrastructure & staffing allows treatment of more than 10 patient referral helps students & trainees to convert their theory knowledge into practical experience.

S No. Name of OPD Timing Physiotherapist
1. IEC University Physiotherapy OPD Monday to Wednesday Dr. Vikram Bishnoi(PT)
Dr. Shikha Tomar (PT)
Dr. Muskan (PT)
Thursday to Saturday Dr. Reena Kumari (PT)
Dr. Muskan (PT)

Note: Timing (9:00AM- 4:00PM) 1st & 3rd Saturday will be off.

Electrotherapy Lab: Equipped with modalities of latest technology using international standards, the department serves to relieve pain, promote healing, Alleviate inflammation & strengthen muscles. Excellent infrastructure & staffing allows treatment of more than 10 patient referral helps students & trainees to convert their theory knowledge into practical experience.

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department
Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department

The Electrotherapy Lab is Equipped with all modern digital equipments like- MWD, SWD, IFT, TENS, US, Faradic/Galvanic stimulator, Hydrocollator pack unit, Paraffin Wax Bath unit, Standing IRR, Cryotherapy units etc.

Exercise Therapy Lab: The state of the art exercise therapy lab has highly sophisticated equipment & experts in physiotherapy to care for the patients and the student’s practical aspects of exercise therapy. It comprises of following clinical programs:

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department
Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department

The Following Special Units Run Under Exercise Therapy Department: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy unit, Neurological physiotherapy unit, Low back pain unit, Pain relief unit, Vestibular rehabilitation, Cardiac rehabilitation, Pulmonary rehabilitation, Minimizing risk & fall prevention program in elderly, Sports rehabilitation program, Special care program for diabetic patients etc.

Anatomy Lab

Physiotherapy college has one of the best Anatomy lab, equipped with complete range of articulated skeletal, various, bones, models, charts, right amount of written text, and contains very good illustration, photos to provide better understanding of the subjects to its students. Anatomy laboratory is in a clear and concise way. The lab is very interactive and contains activities and experiments that enhance students ability to both visualize anatomical structures.

Physiotherapy Out-Patient Department

Faculty Details

S. No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Experience Email Photo
1 Dr. Bharat Parashar Dean Allied Health Sciences M. Pharmacy, PhD 17 Apr. 2018 12 Years -
1 Dr. Vikram Bishnoi Head of Department & Assistant Professor

MPT in Neurology 19 Nov. 2018 2 Years



Dr. Reena Kumari

Assistant Professor

MPT in Neurology

10 Sept. 2018

1.5 Years



Dr. Shikha Tomar

Assistant Professor

MPT in orthopedics

29 Oct. 2018

2.3 Years



Dr. Muskan Bishnoi



19 Nov. 2018

0.8 Year






Contact Details


Dr. Sapna Rana




Dr. Anil Godhara




Dr. Manish Garg



Departmental Activities (2015-19)

The Department of Physiotherapy is equipped with excellent facilities & is able to administer from basic to most advanced form of therapy. Physiotherapy staffs are dedicated to ensure that all the students are exposed to hands on therapy experience so as to get acquainted with the current trends of rehabilitation science.

Regular departmental activities for students offered are:

S. No. Activity Name Date Venue
1 Free Physiotherapy Camp 20 June to 21 June, 2015 Lordmahavira hospital, Nalagarh (HP)
2 Free Physiotherapy Camp 12 July 2015 Shree Sai Institute, Shimla (HP)
3 Physiotherapy Day Celebration 08 September 2015 IEC University (HP)
4 Free Physiotherapy Camp 28 May 2016 Senior citizen club, Sector 21 PKL, Haryana
5 Awareness programme on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 20 June 2016 IEC University, Baddi (HP)
6 Free Physiotherapy Camp 27 June 2016 Vashisht Public School, Una (HP)
7 Physiotherapy Day Celebration 08 September 2016 IEC University (HP)
8 Physiotherapy Conference 4 March to 5 march, 2017 Vidyapeeth University, Rajasthan
9 Free Physiotherapy Camp 22 April 2017 Gagan Hospital, Baddi (HP)
10 Free Physiotherapy Camp 28 May 2017 Rana Hospital, Kalka
11 Physiotherapy Day Celebration 08 September 2017 IEC University (HP)
12 Free Physiotherapy Camp 7 march 2018 Sharda Medical Centre, Panjera (HP)
13 Workshop on joint mobilization 26th March to 27th Mach , 2018 Chandigarh University
14 Blood Donation Camp 14 June 2018 IEC University ,Baddi (HP)
15 Free Physiotherapy Camp 27 june 2018 Govt. College, Una (HP)
16 Physiotherapy Day Celebration 08 September 2018 IEC University (HP)
17 Christmas Day Celebration 25 December 2018 IEC University (HP)

Other Departmental activities:

  • In-patient & out-patient clinical postings
  • Physiotherapeutic gymnasium postings
  • Case presentation & group discussions
  • Seminars & series of talks
  • Journal club
  • Work Shops & CMEs etc.


Stand out from the competition always.

A high concentration of talented faculty members, researchers and students and highly developed infrastructure is considered to be our backbone.

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