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School of Sports and Physical Education affiliated to IEC University. The University allotted 60 seats per annum for B. A. Yoga, a three years degree course, 60 seats per annum for B. A. Physical education, a three years degree course, 60 seats for PG diploma in Sports Coaching, a one year diploma course and 30 seats for PG diploma in Yoga, a one year diploma course.

Endeavouring to lift up the spirit of maxim, “Sound mind resides in sound body”, The School of Sports and Physical Education is being introduced in this session 2019-2020 aiming at imparting the knowledge of sports and physical well beings to produce competent professionals, expert and executors in implementation of current methods and techniques of physical education and sports to the society. In our campus we have well maintained grounds to encourage the students to take part in different games such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Badminton. The institute has well maintained gymnasium and badminton court equipped will all modern facilities.


Dear Student,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the department, an ideal destination of the aspirants having aptitude & passion for adapting physical education as a way of life. I am sure with our dynamic academic culture and progressive attitude, we will help you to create a landmark in the world of Physical Education for global recognition and acclaim.
We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programmes, our area of research, facilities, campus and community recreation.

Best Wishes

Dean, School of Sports and Physical Education

Career Option

There are so many other options of working in this field apart from serving as a player. A candidate with passion of sports career can also work as coach, team manager/sports manager, fitness instructor, athletic trainer, sports journalist, and photographer. Sports person retiring from active play can also look forward to satisfying jobs in assignments such as umpires and referees. Also in a country like ours where country spas and yoga centres are at rise, one can also use his/her expertise for a job in such places.. People today are looking for professionals in the field of Physical Education and Sports because they have best knowledge regarding rehabilitative and therapeutic modalities like Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, and Electromagnetic therapy etc. Trained Physical Education personnel get priority in defence and police services with special recruitments drive. Following are some career options in this field;

  • Chiropractor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Yoga Trainer
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Fitness specialist- Personal Trainer, Fitness Director
  • Recreation Worker
  • Dance Educator
  • Gerontology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Health Educator
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Infrastructure & Facilities

The infrastructure at IEC School of Engineering boasts of well-equipped facilities that allow students maximum advantage during their time in the IEC campus. Students can make the most of amenities like digital library, computer labs, canteen, hostel and transportation to aid their education.

Extensive Digital Library:

Over 30,000 books, 100 journals and magazines on different subjects. Beautifully designed and with a seating capacity to accommodate 200 students has cubicles for faculty and research students Has subsription to national & internationale-journals like IEEE/IEE, springer, ACM, ASCE Emrald Management Xtra through membership of INDEST Consortia of Indian Institute of Technology,Dehli. An active member of Developing Liabrary Network (DELNET) for resource sharing. Photocopying, scanning & printing services within the liabrary building.

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Computing Facilities:

250 Pentium IV workstations runnning on Windows 2003, Windows XP Pro, Linux and SCO Unix. All classrooms and offices equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity with a 150 Mbps leased line Classroom and conference room fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN. Computer lab with 600 system for common purpose. All departments using CAD and CAM. Separate computer lab for each school and department with specialised software.

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  • Multi- cuisine canteen
  • Spread over an area of 10,000 square feet
  • Can accommodate 400 students
  • Modern cooking appliances

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Hostel & Transportation:

  • Off campus hostel for both boys & girls
  • Pick & drop facility
  • Fleet of 20 buses

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Wi fi Enabled Campus & Modern Classroom:

Ours is a w ifi enabled campus enabling uninterrupted access to high speed internet 24*7.

  • Modern classrooms.
  • Outfitted with the latest technology
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Equipped with all the necessary presentation facilities and also have video conferencing facility.
  • All classroom and offices are equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity with a 150 Mbps leased line.
  • Every classroom and conference room is fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN . Lectures are typically augmentes by multimedia.

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Stand out from the competition always.

A high concentration of talented faculty members, researchers and students and highly developed infrastructure is considered to be our backbone.

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