Diploma in Fashion Design

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Diploma in Fashion Design

What is a Diploma in Fashion Design?

Fashion design is an art form dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories. Diploma in Fashion Design is a course that helps students learn how to be creative and what styles can be transformed into clothing, and what techniques and tools are used in the design. In this regard, one-year diploma students will be provided with practical and technical training to develop their skills and expertise. Fashion design is an art, and like other forms of art, heavily influenced by various social and cultural factors, this diploma teaches students cunning about the profession.

Like most Diploma courses, this course can be taken online or offline. The minimum eligibility for this study is 10 + 2 with a 40% compilation from a known or equivalent board.

You can choose this course at IEC School of Art & Fashion. IEC is the first educational body to introduce Fashion & Interior Design courses in Nepal, IEC School of Art & Fashion is a venture of IEC School of Art & Fashion, one of the most trusted names in the education field for the last 23 yrs.

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Why Should You Choose a Diploma in Fashion Design?

Obtaining a Diploma in Fashion Designing will add value to a person’s portfolio. Diploma in Fashion Design is a 1-year course that helps students learn to design fashion a year. These courses provide a solid knowledge of design, management, and marketing and marketing in the fashion market. This education has many job opportunities after graduation and one can choose a career as a Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Illustrator, Stylist, Film Designer, or Theater.

Fashion Design has an attractive way of working with many job opportunities. In a rapidly changing environment, people want a different style of style, different outfits. The fashion industry is in demand of skilled fashion designers who can design new clothes.

The appropriateness of this study enables anyone who has cleared 10 + 2 to use it, even those who have no interest in fashion as a profession.

After graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design, here are some of the career opportunities one can get:

  • Style
  • Sales Manager
  • Construction Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Closet Editor

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