Bachelor of Science Fashion Design

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Bachelor of Science Fashion Design

What is a Bachelor of Science Fashion Design?

It is a three-year course in which the syllabus completes its presentation of features and information on fashion and similar uses in a few industry categories.

The following are some of the topics related to the BSc (Fashion Design) syllabus:

  • Ways to make clothes
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Current Global Trends
  • The Design Process

Professionals are awarded the Internship for some of the most iconic and acclaimed brands like Lee Cooper, Reebok, Fastrack, and many more. The same admission process for obtaining National Certificate of Entry Certificates and entrance examinations conducted by each University / College following the admission process. Candidates are advised to go through the subjects at their Bachelor's level of education and earlier to better understand the topics and pass the Entry Examination. Applicants must re-submit the sample question papers for the previous year and resolve the fake question papers to get a clear idea of ​​the test and performance during the actual test.

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Why Choose a Bachelor of Science Fashion Design?

  • B.Sc (Fashion Design) degree holders are in high demand among fashion designers, tailors, and supermarkets.
  • Graduate courses qualify for a job as a teacher at a Fashion Designing course.
  • Graduates are readily accepted in clothing, leather, textiles, and other fashion-related industries.
  • It makes a person fit and competent enough to open his or her fashion store to showcase their skills in fashion.
  • B.Sc (Fashion Design) degrees in addition to satisfying the creative arts and human needs of materialism also promise splendor, fame, success, and high-paying packages to its students.
  • Those who want to complete their studies can also choose higher education from the Master of Science [M.Sc] (Fashion Design) to get detailed conceptual knowledge and high job scores.
  • You can choose this course at IEC School of Art & Fashion. IEC is the first educational body to introduce Fashion & Interior Design courses in Nepal, IEC School of Art & Fashion is a venture of IEC School of Art & Fashion, one of the most trusted names in the education field for the last 23 yrs.

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