Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching Pedagogy

“IEC (INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE, & COMMITMENT) educates students and shapes the future of students who understand world & have capacity to change the world. The fast changing world economy has posed a challenge to the educational institutions to constantly revamp the discourse patterns. University pedagogy stands for research-based education and development of teaching and learning in the academic community. With the term university pedagogy, we do not refer just to individual, but also to collegial pedagogical competency that is promoted, sustained and fostered within the university community. Pedagogical competency results in excellent curriculum, learning environments and processes, and high quality learning outcomes”

Our pedagogy emphasizes on

  • Critical thinking and interdisciplinary dialogue to promote teaching and learning at the university
  • Experimental and developmental approach to promote research-teaching nexus
  • Collegial, participatory and reciprocal procedures to promote well-being and engagement (of both staff and students)

University demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs, and learning environments and it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement. The course teachers do Continuous Internal Assessment. It has two tests out of three and any two modes of assessment like seminar, assignment, group discussion, viva, and problem solving.

  • Electronic Media
  • Case Studies
  • Group Activities
  • Industrial Visit
  • Individual Counselling
  • Corporate/Eminent Academician’s Guest Lectures
  • E-Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Practical Exercise
  • Interactive Learning
  • Smart Classes
  • Seminars/conferences/worshops
  • Research Oriented Teaching
  • Foreign University Exchange Programs
  • Personality Development Sessions
  • Pre Placement Trainings
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