To impart knowledge through innovative research–driven academic programs, and building leaders in technology,medicine best university in solan , management, science and other areas of scholarship who will best serve the nation and the world in the evolution of a civil society based on human values.


  • To deliver education consistent with the needs of business and society
  • To continuously innovate education processes comparable with the best in the class
  • To design curricula to ensure that the creativity and innovative capacity of students are continuously enhanced
  • To attract, develop and retain highly competent faculty members
  • To create and promote a congenial ambience conducive to learning
  • Continuously monitor the quality of output through structured feedback
  • To integrate spiritual and moral values with education
  • To trim the young generation with global approach and ignite the latent


The objectives of the University include :

  • To provide instructions, teaching and training in higher education
  • To establish facilities for education and training
  • To carry out teaching and research
  • To create centres of excellence for research and development
  • To establish campus in the State
  • To establish examination centres
  • To institute degrees, diplomas, certificates & other academic distinctions
  • To set up off campus centres, subject to applicable rules or regulations
  • To develop and maintain twinning arrangement with centers of excellence
  • To provide for dual degrees, diplomas or certificates vis-à-vis other Universities

Stand out from the competition always.

A high concentration of talented faculty members, researchers and students and highly developed infrastructure is considered to be our backbone.

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